Seasonal Affective Disorder

The sun is gone and it has taken me with it
The light within my soul has been extinguished, and nothing holds any joy
Thoughts of the outside world chill me to the bone
almost as much as the harsh winter air creeping
through the cracks in the windows
As the shutters are thrown against the brick by the abusive wind
all I can think is, what has happened to me?

My once strong love of life is gone
My desires and passions hold no meaning
My dreams are not worth working toward
And my room is no longer a prison it is my sanctuary

Nothing, not even the promise of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers
could move me from this bed
My thin white sheets and matted feather pillow have
become my only allies in this
seemingly endless battle against winter
In them I can find sweet sleep
my only escape from this icy hell.

I have no plans of leaving this hibernation of an
existence until the days have lengthened
and the sun has returned to her rightful place
shining brilliantly in the sky and radiating the gentle warmth
that can touch my skin and make me live once more
Until then I will stay in a state of unwavering melancholy
wishing for the existence of an everlasting summer


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