Jealous of the Homeless Family

I was at the Oliver Gospel Mission this afternoon serving the homeless and downtrodden Thanksgiving  dinner. I notice a family made up of a mother, father & boy who I would say was about 10 or so.

There were bright smiles all me today, mostly from those that got a good hot meal in quite sometime. However, the brightest smiles came from that family. There weren’t smiling because of the food, they were smiling because they knew they had each other.

Once I realized this, my pangs of jealousy hit hard. It was then I remembered that I have no one. Sure I have condo, car, 2 cats and other material things, but at the same time I have absolutely nothing. I hate the holidays.

I leave while the family is still there relaxing after their meal. My volunteer shift was up. I came home to a darkened condo, 2 cats sleeping, a frozen TV dinner that will be my Thanksgiving meal & the knowledge that I’m jealous of the homeless family. Maybe I should start drinking or something. Gah


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