And the past shall to rise…

Yeah yeah I know, I’m late. I’m stressed to the point of an ulcer and I have writers block. But who cares? Not me…at least not much longer.

Give your heart to a stranger
Turn your back on a friend
Walk away, unafraid of the end
Hang the day on a promise
Breaking overhead
The pieces fall, they haven’t cut me yet
Dare me to watch your moon
Disappear into a trembling night
The end could feel allright

Through a window, open every door
No use holding on

Now you are a stranger
We’ll never talk again
But you’re everywhere, all we could’ve been
Whatever I hoped to find
The answer or the perfect lie
I let it pass me by

We share the pain, some rise again
Let me be


1 Response to “And the past shall to rise…”

  1. 1 abarclay12 October 12, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    I love “give your heart to a stranger” and “the pieces fall, they haven’t cut me yet.” Good poem. And how’s that ulcer treating you?? Drink some milk, I hear it’s soothing.

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