The Wanting

There are some so conscious, that every word that most uncannily popped out and hurt someone else can render deep guilt and regret. And their life, bleak, gray and full of pain.

There are others so blind to everything except themselves, that if you poured your heart out, they would only treat it like, art, distant, abstract, and very useful to plagiarize. Their life full of happy rainbows, funny people, bad people, and pain would never have a place.

I want none of the above. I want a life that opens my eyes to the pain, a pair of hands to reach out to the bare, merciless sky, a nose to deeply inhale the sandy dry air, and tears to melt them all. I want a smile that forgives all wrongdoings, eyes that recognized the beauty of life, and laughter that receives all joy, and drowns out the silent cries within, louder than the roll of unexpected thunder, harsher than the direct burns of the blazing sun.

I want no rainbows on the fields. Flowers meant to live for others.

I am a wildflower, temporarily resided in a bottle.

Waiting to breathe again.


1 Response to “The Wanting”

  1. 1 stacy October 20, 2007 at 7:49 am

    i understand your thoughts….thanks for putting em out there!

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